Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Unix accounts and Windows accounts?

Unix provides secure and reliable environment perfect for most of the hosting needs, but sometimes you want to take advantage of some Windows applications such as MS Access, ASP scripting. For that you might want to use NT.

I lost my password, what should I do?

Go to the control panel site. Click on the link “forgot your password” right under the login box, and follow the instructions.

I have difficulties in retrieving mail …s the form of the full e-mail address.

I have difficulties in retrieving mail using Netscape. I can’t log into my mail account because the account user name now takes the form of the full e-mail address.
Write mail server login name in the Netscape preferences with the % character instead of the @ sign, e.g. login: username%domain.com

How do I get FormMail working?

It’s a perl script. You need to add .pl as extention for CGI. You can find it on the web options page.

I have switched to dedicated IP and my images are now gone.

Go to the SiteStudio settings page, click the Refresh Images link, and republish the site.

When I’m trying to connect to my accoun… time and then logs out with an error.

Use FTP active mode (disable passive). It is in your computer’s FTP configuration.

The online file browser shows the zips …o decompress them, but fails to do it.

WebShell can decompress only those files that are located inside the /usr/local/bin directory. If it’s not there, just create a link