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Dedicated Server Hosting India | Server Renting India

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Security of a Dedicated Server and What Makes It Is Secure

Security of a Dedicated Server and What Makes It Is Secure

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The security of Dedicated Servers are mostly based on the Data Center facilities housing the equipment and all service providers generally address enough quantity of resources to guarantee your server security, checking for new vulnerabilities, software and utilities deployment, to update and patch the server when needed if it is a managed one and tuning up the firewalls among other measures to avoid hackers attacks.

Depending if yours is a managed Dedicated Server or an unmanaged Dedicated Server, the service provider may offer multi-tiered security and monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as access to co-locate your server in the Data Center most secure racks with network monitoring, usage and other pertinent metrics if required.

General security measures of a dedicated server may include controlled access, firewall and intrusion detection, network monitoring, mirrored data centers, video surveillance, conditioned power, fire suppression, redundant air handling and battery backup capacity. All these measures are related to the Dedicated Server provider, but you as the owner must implement additional security measures on your own, not necessary at all, if you are under a managed service plan.

Among the basic security aspects to keep in mind while fine-tuning your Dedicated Server, is the server configuration files. Running an Apache server requires the improvement of permissions on the server root directories, server side includes, in non-script aliased cgi, script aliased cgi and cgi in general, as well as in other sources of dynamic content protecting system settings and protecting sensitive server files by default. These same measures apply to other operating system counterparts.

Another option to maximize security on a website is the use of Secure Servers adopting a strict policy for both the document root where HTML documents reside, and the server root where configuration files are kept by granting read, write and execute permission accordingly in servers with *nix platforms or their equivalent on windows servers, paying particular attention in CGI scripts and directories where most security threats are easily exploitable.

The cgi-bin directory or equivalent, and its contents has to be setup as executable and readable, chmod 755, but not writable, chmod 777 or 666, because the high security risks but Dedicated Servers running in Windows platforms do not have the Unix chmod command as an option so if you are concerned about security and you do not have the proper windows server knowledge or the budget to get a managed Dedicated Server, your best option is select a server running under *nix environment.

Dedicated Servers Data Centers

Dedicated Servers Data Centers

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Data Centers are those portions of Computer Buildings housing mission critical computer systems, production control, forms storage, mail units, network control sections and data entries of all the information available on the internet worldwide, some shared by different service providers and some others exclusively for the use of one company as Dedicated Server Data Center.

These facility centers ensure uninterrupted connectivity, superior redundancy and usually include environmental controls for extensive protection against environmental hazards through battery backups and power supplies, on-site generators, redundant air conditioning, and fire suppression systems under high security measures, generally separated from the remainder of the Computer Building by secure doors, and located in strategic cities nationwide and abroad.

After choosing a Dedicated Server, observing the technical aspects such as operating system, hardware options, space and bandwidth directly relational to your needs, in accordance with what operations the server will perform, which types of software you may need or what you are more comfortable with, and the managed or unmanaged services associated with your server, the next consideration to keep in mind is the Data Center housing your information.

The components of the typical Dedicated Servers Data Centers include network components, such as routers and switches to transport traffic between the servers and then throughout the world, as well as VPN gateways, security elements, deployed firewalls, intrusion detection systems and so on, as well as running the applications handling the operational data and core business of the companies using their services.

Data Centers house applications composed of multiple hosts, each running a single component such as databases, application servers, file servers, and middle-ware and basically all Data Centers offers physical components, including security and access control, underfloor, raised floor system, overhead trunking system precision air-conditioning, redundant HVAC control environment , power grid source, power distribution unit (pdu), ups and backup generators, smoke detection and early warning fire with fire suppression, closed circuit TV (cctv) surveillance, on premises security officers and server operations monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Managed Dedicated Servers are generally more proactively monitored and maintained on the part of the service provider offering the best Data Centers and security measures to protect the integrity of your equipment and the data stored on it as crucial aspect to guarantee the functionality of the Dedicated Servers in a secure environment. Most Data Centers are in-purpose-built buildings in secure locations, usually close to large telecommunications services.