The remarkable difference of having a Dedicated is the sheer amount of overall resources and total control available for use according to everyone’s specific needs, but this freedom of choice not only the whatever software the customers desire, but to abuse sometimes.

Even when you are paying for the server, some companies may condition the use of the resources in direct relation with their policies, such as when the server providers do not want their names involved with adult content or gambling, or to limiting the run of IRC, BNC, BitchX, XiRCON scripts, torrents, eggdrops or other unauthorized shell programs, either for security, policies, terms and conditions. Etc.

Sometimes such limitations are directly proportional to the price you pay for the server. Some companies offer Dedicated Servers at affordable prices but with limited resources and support as a way to make you think twice and get another configuration or a custom-built Dedicated Server for particular use, such as Adult Dedicated Servers, Gaming Dedicated Servers, Streaming Dedicated Server, Shell Dedicated Servers, etc, that obviously cost much more.

The use of a dedicated server may improve your presence on the internet whichever be your business niche or if you want only to run a personal or family page but with optimal resources, however one of the most common forms of abuse the same in Shared Virtual Servers, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers is the illegal or blatantly offensive material, but particularly the Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail, best known as Spam.

Pay for your own server do not give you the right to jeopardize the name of the server provider abusing of your own resources, running forbidden or risky scripts, sending unsolicited messages or hosting specific content if there is a clause in your contract on this matter.

Most of the times a customer found not abiding the terms of a contract, may have the server leased or rental terminated without recourse and billed including penalties. If the customer has paid for the ownership of the server these activities can be grounds for termination without recourse, and in both cases further pursued to the fullest extent of the law, including but not limited to lawsuits against you as the responsible.

A Dedicated server should be used to give you total but responsible control, and if it is true that you get what you pay for, cheap prices on Dedicated Server may become a disguised Virtual Private Server approach, and their use and abuse will be directly related to both, the customer and the terms of a contract that must be understood to get the best performance without take the risk to lose the investment for abuse.