When it comes to moving from Shared Virtual Hosting service to your own server the question arises, which is better? Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers and is there any difference between choose one or another?

Obviously, the first and more notorious difference you will see at first glance in the price because Dedicated Servers refers to a computer assigned exclusively to you, either purchased, leased o rented, while a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a computer with specific amount of resources that are guaranteed to the application of 2 or more customers but generally just a few ones.

The number of customers assigned to a Virtual Private Server depends on the service providers and vary from one to another but always being a number below the number of customers on their Shared Virtual Hosting plans. In average, most VPS host 4 customers per server, few others from 6 to 10 customers but large hosting providers may host thousand sites on their shared servers and 100 to 200 assigned to each Virtual Private Server.

With a Dedicated Server you have always the certainty of a unique computer with all its resources assigned to you, avoiding the mistake of many people not paying enough attention to the number of customers assigned per Virtual Private Server. Most commonly, the service providers make a note of it, but some others remark the “unbeatable” price against the price of a Dedicated Server, distracting the potential customer’s attention.

If price does matter to you besides of resources and full control of your own server, it is important compare prices of both Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers analyzing as well the resources granted to you in each case. As unique owner of a Dedicated Server, the configuration and resources assigned is up to you, but going for a VPS the price guarantees you root access to remote computer but sometimes the resources, whether bandwidth or disk storage, are reduced for the low price that you will not be able at all to run or install your customized software packages.

As with Dedicated Servers, you can always upgrade your Virtual Private Server but for the price, at the end it worth the careful analysis and comparison of the services and benefits any server variant offers and your own requirements, asking if the technical support is also included or charged, otherwise add another charge to the total price. Always verify how many customers are hosted per Virtual Private Server but if you need total control with guarantee resources a Dedicated Server are your best value for each additional dollar you pay for it.